When Life Hands You Lemons... Make a Cocktail

Reminiscent of summer days as a child, when it comes to thirst-quenching beverages perhaps nothing is more refreshing than the taste of a cold glass of lemonade. And while you may not be gearing up to sell pitchers of it on the side of the road anytime soon, as an adult this beverage can't help but spark nostalgia inside of us all. We've learned that when life hands you lemons, the best thing to do is make a cocktail. Sip away the dog days of summer with these sweet and tangy recipes featuring a childhood favorite and your go-to ginger beer.

Sunset Sips

As July draws to a close and the dog days of summer set in, we can't help but wish we could turn back the clock and start this season all over again. From beach days spent blistering in the sun to warm nights spent soaking up the star-filled sky, there's just something about summer that makes it a season unlike any other. Before we know it the kids will be heading back to school, routines will once again take their place in our daily lives and the memories of summer will simply be a thing of the past. However, even though the sun may be setting soon, these cocktails will keep you in a summer state of mind all year round. 

Beach Day Bites

When your feet hit the sand and the ocean breeze blows through your hair, it's impossible not to have a permanent smile plastered across your face. With the arrival of summer vacation comes endless opportunities to hit the beach for a day of sand, sun and our personal favorite, snacks. You see while some may have sunscreen and a towel at the top of their must-haves list, serve us a ginger beer cocktail alongside some beach day bites and we're set for some fun in the sun. Below you'll find our beach day essentials in the form of simple, healthy, on the go recipes which just so happen to pair perfectly with our favorite shake and take cocktails.

Longer Days, Happier Hours

The temps are finally rising, beaches are filling up and patio parties are no longer a thing of the past, which can only mean that summer is finally here. With summer's arrival comes longer days, making for happier happy hours. The earlier the sun rises and the later it sets results in more time after work to gather your crew for an outdoor soirée. In celebration of sunny days that are here to stay, we're sharing some of our favorite cocktail recipes to accompany you on all of your summer adventures.

Festival Favorites

You've got the bandanas and flash tattoos packed, alongside the perfectly curated outfits you've been planning for months... but before you head out to spend the weekend at your favorite festival don't forget the most important accessory of them all, Barritt's Ginger Beer. Regardless of the music genre you're a fan of, we can all agree that cocktails are a festival season favorite and these refreshing sips are sure to become a staple in your lineup. 

Raise a Glass to the Graduates

College graduation season is upon us. It's a time to celebrate all of your accomplishments over the last four (or maybe more) years and live it up before you have to hit the ground running in the so-called "real world." Here's to the late night study sessions, the roommates who turned into best friends, the "Freshman 15" you're still attempting to lose and the endless memories made along the way. Once you walk across that stage, accept your diploma and finally turn your tassel to the left, raise a glass with these celebratory cocktails.

Spring Break Staycation

Spring Break Staycation

Just because you're not jet-setting off to a tropical destination for spring break this year, doesn't mean you can't make a mental escape to somewhere sunny and 75 with a little spring break staycation. Regardless of what the current temps may be where you reside, we're bringing the beach to you with these fresh and fruity ginger beer cocktails which are sure to transport you to a sunny state of mind.