Black Friday Booze

As the years go on, the holiday shopping season seems to creep up on us earlier and earlier. For some, Black Friday marks the beginning of their holiday shopping. While for others, by the time Black Friday rolls around they’re already long done crossing each and every person off of their list. Regardless, Black Friday is a shopping tradition beloved by many with its thrill of staying up to shop all night or waking up at the crack of dawn to hit the stores. No matter whether you’re heading out to complete or just begin your holiday shopping, these Barritt’s Ginger Beer cocktails are the perfect thirst quencher to whip up once you get back home.

A Friendsgiving Feast

Each year when November rolls around we find ourselves taking an extra moment to pause and reflect on all it is that we’re grateful for. It’s a time to give thanks for good food, great company and the best ginger beer around. Earn the title of “favorite friend” at this year’s Friendsgiving feast when you show up with one of these delectable desserts and a pack of Barritt’s Ginger Beer, of course.

Spooktacular Halloween Party Treats

Spooktacular Halloween Party Treats

This spooky season we’re holding back on the tricks and instead sharing all of our favorite treats. From Bat Bites to Mummy Brownies, one peek at these sugary treats and you’re sure to be haunted by the ones you don’t make. Get ready to eat, drink and be scary with these spooktacular Halloween party treats and our go-to boo-zy cocktails featuring Barritt’s Ginger Beer.

Pumpkin Spice and Everything Nice

With the fall season officially underway, people everywhere are on the hunt for the latest and greatest in all things pumpkin spice. What started out as just another latte flavor has exploded in popularity across the globe and transformed fall into what many prefer to call pumpkin spice season instead. Call us bandwagon fans if you must, but we couldn’t help but follow this flavor craze and share a few of our favorite ginger beer cocktails featuring pumpkin spice, as well. Celebrate the return of pumpkin spice season yet again with these tried and true cocktail recipes.

National Drink a Beer Day: Ginger Beer Edition

We'd be lying if we said we think it's a coincidence that National Drink a Beer Day landed on a Friday. To us it appears to be the perfect excuse to take off of work early and make a run to the nearest happy hour to raise a glass in its honor and celebrate. But before you reach for your typical brew on September 28, do yourself a favor and grab a Barritt's Ginger Beer to try out one of these beer-infused recipes instead. After all, a "pitcher" perfect weekend begins and ends with a ginger beer in hand.

All About Apples

Fall days are here once again and with them comes the arrival of crisp mornings, crunchy leaves and everyone's favorite autumn fruit, apples. Some choose to bake them in pies, while others think their flavor stands out best in a crisp. Here at Barritt's Ginger Beer, however, we prefer to take a different approach. We're giving one of fall's most beloved flavors an upgrade this season with the addition of Barritt's Ginger Beer and our favorite spirits. Get a true taste of fall with these apple-infused cocktail recipes.

Hit the Road with Barritt's

With the final days of summer slowly but surely fading away, it's hard not to look back and wallow in regret at the thought of the daunting summer bucket list you never truly finished. Rather than wasting away these last days where the living is easy and time is just a concept, soak up these final moments by making memories that'll truly last a lifetime with a summer road trip. Whether you have a final destination in mind or not, pile your favorite people into the car, pack a few snacks and hit the wide open road for one last hurrah in honor of everyone's favorite season. Fuel up for a road trip to remember with these on-the-go snacks and a bottle of Barritt's.

When Life Hands You Lemons... Make a Cocktail

Reminiscent of summer days as a child, when it comes to thirst-quenching beverages perhaps nothing is more refreshing than the taste of a cold glass of lemonade. And while you may not be gearing up to sell pitchers of it on the side of the road anytime soon, as an adult this beverage can't help but spark nostalgia inside of us all. We've learned that when life hands you lemons, the best thing to do is make a cocktail. Sip away the dog days of summer with these sweet and tangy recipes featuring a childhood favorite and your go-to ginger beer.